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Your Monorepo Dependencies Are Asking for Trouble

An exploration of a common dependency version issue in monorepo projects, and the method I use to solve the issue in my own projects

·17 min read


Building a cURL-able Developer Resume Site with Remix

A little experiment in how to build a developer resume website with Remix, deployed to Vercel, that looks great in both the browser and when fetched with cURL.

·2 min read


Flōt - Keep a website always-on-top and translucent

Flōt lets you place a website on top of other windows, but allows you to see through to the content underneath. The perfect amount of distraction.

·5 min read


PWPR - The simple Playwright Pre-Render CLI

The simplicity of making an HTTP request with cURL but with the ability to run and render JS powered web pages

·3 min read


NPM Global Audit

Making it possible to run npm audit against globally installed node modules

·2 min read


Nix — The Simple Noise Mixer

I built a simple brower extension to add a background / "white noise" machine to Chrome and Firefox

·3 min read


Announcing the Lemmy App!

I've been working semi-secretively on a project called Lemmy - a desktop application that solves the pain point of sharing institutional knowledge with your team.

·2 min read


Using TailwindCSS with Ionic 5 and Angular 10

How you can add TailwindCSS to an Ionic 5 and Angular 10 mobile app without ejecting or messing with the Angular webpack build

·12 min read


Building a CLI for file path bookmarks

Tinkering around with oclif and building a little CLI that I published to npm

·1 min read


Building my blog with Gatsby, TypeScript, Tailwind, and Netlify CMS

How I built a GatsbyJS + Typescript + TailwindCSS + Netlify CMS blog website

·7 min read


Hello World!

Every good software project begins as a Hello World

·1 min read

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