NPM Global Audit

I’ve found that it’s a good idea to keep as much of the software what I use every day up to date, and that includes the handful of node modules I have installed globally on my system - this is a pretty short list with “generally useful” things like rimraf, time-tracker, live-server (plus a few others). Towards the goal of keeping things up to date, I have made running npm-check-updates against my various packages a habit, and this includes doing a daily update of all the modules I have installed globally. When you do an update against your globally installed modules, just as you get with a locally installed module, the npm cli will usually spit out some warnings about vulnerabilities in the packages you have installed and will then tell you to run npm audit to learn more…

Well, if you try and run npm audit -g or something similarly sane to attempt an audit against your globally installed packages, you learn that npm won’t do that for you. I don’t fully understand the rationale for this limitation, but whaaaatever, I’ve decided to address the limitation myself!

I have released npm-global-audit, an MIT licensed and fully open source node module which can perform an npm audit of your globally installed node modules. You don’t even need to install it to use it (in fact, I don’t recommend that you do install it) - simply run:

npx npm-global-audit

from your terminal, and away it goes! There is more detail about how it works in the README for the project, so feel free to have a poke about to learn more. Hopefully this will help someone out there who likes to stay aware of the outstanding issues present in their software, at least for javascript.


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