Announcing the Lemmy App!

Institutional Knowledge is an asset, not a liability — at least, that’s what I want to be true, but unfortunately for every company I’ve ever worked for, that hasn’t quite worked out.

In fact, I have personally only ever really observed the opposite; an engineer who was with the company at the very beginning and “knows everything” decides to take another job and out the door with them walks years of knowledge. Most of that knowledge ends up being stuff nobody even knew they had! That’s the nature of “institutional knowledge”… it becomes so second nature that it is relegated to emails, slack threads, outdated docs, stale wiki pages, or most commonly a single person’s brain. When that brain walks out the door, the hard-won lessons go with them.

The Lemmy App is a project I’ve been working on to solve this problem once and for all! I’m not ready just yet to dive into the details, but there’s a bit of teaser content over on the marketing website. When you take a look, make sure to sign up to be part of the beta program so you can be notified when the app is live!

I’ll also be blogging on the Lemmy Blog about the process of building the app, so if you want to see what it’s like to build a desktop app from scratch you can check in on there every so often to see what I’ve been up to!


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