Building a cURL-able Developer Resume Site with Remix

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to give building something with Remix a shot, so I made a small application called WAEL for tracking my weight and exercise over time. While building WAEL I was absolutely blown away by Remix! It was an absolute delight to use and the abstractions felt so simple and intuitive. I’ve used a lot of frameworks and tools in my time as a web developer, and really, nothing has impressed me as much upon first use as Remix has so far.

BTW, maybe I’ll make a separate post talking about WAEL at some point, but in the mean time, it’s open source so if you’re interested feel free to just poke around in the repository —>!

Since I finished that project my brain has been churning so much with ideas of things I could build with Remix, and yesterday I had the idea that it would be super cool to build a resume site with Remix that was as you expect when you visit it in the browser, but has a beautiful terminal output when you visit it with cURL.

🎉 Here it is! Remix Curl Demo 🎉

Check it out at

You can visit this page in the browser and it will serve up a static text/html response (which you might imagine is your resume content) and you can also curl this page in your terminal and see a beautiful text/plain response that contains style ansi escape codes that your terminal can use to print a nice interface.

Of course, the code is fully open source and MIT licensed, so check that out on GitHub —> andrewbrey/remix-curl

As I expected this was honestly pretty trivial to put together and I think that really speaks to the seamlessness of the abstractions that the Remix team has built. I spent more time getting Vercel to play nicely with my use of patch-package than I did actually building the site!

I could totally imagine building a fully fledged resume that renders beautifully in both the browser and in a terminal, and, while pretty dumb and mostly pointless, who knows what hiring decision some manager might make to hire you because you impress them with your silly cURL-able resume!


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